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Lawn Maintenance

Proper lawn maintenance is the key to a healthy and vigorous lawn. We cut your lawn to the proper height to produce a lawn that is barefoot worthy. Also, we keep our blades sharp to prevent your lawn from being torn as opposed to cut. These factors can result in brown grass tips and increases the susceptibility of your lawn to fungal infections.  Dethatching is another key step towards a healthy lawn.  Get rid of dead grass and allow for new grass to thrive. Here at Lenhardt’s Lawn Care we take all these factors, and more, into consideration when creating a proper lawn maintenance schedule. 


New Lawns

Even the healthiest of lawns can incur damage due to pests, rodents, and unfavorable weather conditions. When grass dies, unwanted plant life can take over a lawn and become more susceptible to weed invasion. Repairing your damaged lawn before, during, and after any damage is critical to revitalizing your lawn. Our extensive knowledge of new lawn installation and lawn restoration can prevent such damage to your lawn.



We can take out your old landscape design and replace it with one based on your likes and needs. Hardscape consist of retaining walls, path ways, pergolas, rocks, etc...Let us build a new retaining wall and design that custom walk way.  Landscape is the soft or living items in your yard such as plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers.  We offer bed maintenance which consists of bed edging, pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.  With the combination of hardscape and softscape landscape construction we can create eye catching curb appeal and give you that backyard oasis. 


Mulching is one of the most beneficial things that can be done to maintain your soil and your planting beds. If you have not considered mulching your landscaping in the past, you may want to reconsider. Mulching is much more than just an aesthetic feature to your plant and flower beds. Mulching adds nutrients to your soil, it can prevent weeds from germinating, help moderate the soil temperature, and retain moisture. Mulching is not to be overlooked as an essential part of a healthy and nourished yard.  We can deliver & install any kind of mulch. This includes Double or Triple Shred Mulch, as well as all colors including Black, Brown, Red, etc..

















The showcase of any yard is the landscaping planting beds. If there is a different to be made in the beauty of your landscaping, this is the area of attention. We can help you design and install the yard of your dreams. Lenhardt’s Lawn Care will professionally evaluate your specific yard area needs and produce viable solutions to address issues such as: sunlight and water requirements, pet considerations, deer and critters, and privacy…just to name a few.  Let’s make that dream yard a reality today.


Snow Plowing and Salting

Snow plowing and snow removal. Another addition to our complete line of services. Commercial or residential, operating your business without the fear or risk of an accident is critical.  Our 24 hour Snow Plowing service, available to all customers, works to provide snow removal around the clock for Residential and Commercial properties. Salting available upon request.


Spring Cleanups

Tired and weather-beaten yards need help when that first opportunity arises.  Schedule your Spring Cleanup early and get a head start on taking advantage of our local Spring weather.  We will remove old leaves, branches and debris from your property to give your lawn the look it deserves. We will also cut and or trim your perennials to provide maximum growth potential and good health to your plants for the growing season.


Fall Cleanups
Preparing your yard for Winter here in this area is a crucial step towards the survival of your lawn and landscaping. We will remove all the leave and branch debris from your yard, and clean it up to prep for the cold season.  Debris and leave left on your lawn can kill grass. Contact us now and complete the growing season with a Fall cleanup.



Fertilizing is an essential element to having your grass and landscaping grow strong and remain healthy throughout the year.  Our comprehensive plan will adjust to your specific needs and budget.  Grass and plants require nutrients to grow, thrive, and flourish. Let Lenhardt's evaluate your fertilizing requirements and develop a customized plan with options to suit your needs. Our 5 step program will guide you to having a beautiful lawn.  Ask about our lime application to boost your lawn.

Core Aerating

Core Aeration is vital to establishing a healthy lawn with a good root system. Core Aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn. This key step allows water, nutrients, and oxygen movement into the soil, loosens compacted soil, reduces thatch, and helps with the infiltration of rainFall and irrigation. This should typically be done twice a year: once in the Spring, and once in the Fall.


Shrub and Tree Trimming (small)

Lenhardt’s Lawn Care has the experience and knowledge to offer a comprehensive shrub and tree trimming service. Proper pruning and trimming keeps plants in check and promotes healthy growth. We recommend pruning twice a year most shrubs for maximum bud growth and good health.  Whether you have small trees, shrubs, planting, or hedges, Lenhardt’s has the tools and expertise to maintain your landscape. Small ornamental trees such and Japanese Maples, Flowering Dogwoods, and Magnolia,





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